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How Elderly People Contribute to My Society
By Karishma Patel
November 27, 2001

Have you ever seen elderly people help out? Or perhaps wondered what your society would be like without them? My society would be extremely different: There would be less help involved in church and other organizations, in student fundraisers, and in help to wisely solve conflicts. Of course, there are many more reasons, but those are the three main ones.

Initially, helping out in churches as well as organizations is an excellent demonstration of the way elders help out. (This is a great advantage for them since they get a chance to meet new people and socialize.) Next to that, they are most likely willing to help in any possible way. If there is a problem that occurs, from experience, they are probably able to help overcome it. Not only are they experienced, but also elder people are wise.

In addition, student fundraisers are usually where you can count on the elders to be of great help. During fundraisers, these generous ones are always willing to purchase at least one item, if not more. If they feel that their purchase alone isn't enough, they may even persuade others to order from the catalog/fundraiser, so you have more sales. Along with that, they make donations, which is a great help. One time I remember that I was participating in a fundraiser, and I had only two purchases. My elderly neighbor, Mrs. Flaursen, purchased and assisted me in selling over $132 worth of items! With her help, I had the third highest sales in my class!

Of most importance, elders are always there to receive help from. If help is ever needed, you can always rely on plenty of it from elders! Also, just because they may not be able to hear, it doesn't mean they won't take the time to aid you in your conflicts! Moreover, if you ever have a bad day or just need someone to cheer you up, the old folks can be of comfort in many ways.

All in all, that's how elderly people contribute to my society. For the most important reasons: they help out in church and organizations, in student fundraisers, and by simply being there for you. If this is not applicable to your own society, make sure you don't overlook the elderly for your own posterity's sake! Their advice and lessons of life are the greatest and most useful.


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